Pro Chairman's Message

From the Pro Chairman's Desk

Rawal Our country is at the threshold of glory. India is making giant leaps and is poised to become a global power in all sense. Economically, militarily and scientifically too, we are a force to reckon with. But, to sustain the tempo of all round development, we need people of great calibre in the coming years. We need philosophers, writers, economists, scientists, engineers, and doctors etc. to lead us through this century. Extra-ordinary men and women who with courage and conviction can make huge contributions to the nation building; who can selflessly serve the humanity and make not only our country, but, the world too, a better place to live in. Rawal Bal Shiksha Kendra has been in the cause of creating a wealth for the nation with thousands of young citizens well-equipped to serve the nation in different capacities and manners. Through a combination of futuristic educational methods and the inculcation of the revered Indian value system, we have successfully groomed a generation of students who have the skills and the will power to prove itself in trying circumstances. Rawal Bal Shiksha Kendra and all other Rawal Institutions stand committed to this cause. Anil Rawal